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NEWS - "Smile Maker"

Dedicated to grimy13 with heaps of BFF love ♥

This is an incredibly uplifting song, it'll cheer you up in sad times :) Enjoy!

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Smile Maker (English)
parts that were originally in English have been italicized

When things don’t go smoothly you lay the blame on someone else
That’s always inexcusable - I understand, that situation seems harsh
Even if you have some motive, I don’t think anyone is happy
But look at me, quietly, my real intention is to make the person who is important to me laugh

**Laugh, especially during painful times It’s nothing more than harsh things, show your smile!
Come on, raise your voice wow Laugh much more Goes on
It’s not for myself, I’ll smile for someone’s sake
A face given pleasure gives me power

If you’re always worried Endlessly If it’s nothing worth worrying about then it’s good, It’s nothing
I don’t mean that you should worry about love, it’s just, doing that causes irritation
And there’s no place to escape, you want to become closed up
You pass by without anyone noticing, but the clock is turning

You’re overwhelmed by the waves and time drains away, and that is nobody’s fault
Things, even if you understand them
You hang your head in shame Cloudy Day Honestly, well, it’s a bit scary
During those times My friend You always give me a call, you are safe


These relations are life’s connections, my outstretched hand is not a lie
We’ve spent time together, and the future of this past more and more increases our trust
You & I are not alone, So it seems our life is doubled, that’s right
Strongly and gently we can support each other, therefore, this thankfulness from my heart Try

Now, on the roads we walk separately, It comes true one time, we are not alone
“This is the wall we have the advantage to climb over,” If that’s true, we can get nearer to our dreams, we can do it


Weak and ordinary, the truth is everyone is frightened
At any time, stretch out your spirit, the bonds you protect are your support
I am always your supporter - With that certainty, face forward, to tomorrow
I don’t want to see a dark face, therefore, raise your face and smile Your life



Smile Maker (Romaji)

Umaku ikanai koto Dareka no sei ni shite mo
Dokoka yurusenai koto Wakaru yo sore jya tsurai darou

Nani wo riyuu ni shite mo Dare mo yorokondenai darou

Demo mitekureteru yo Sotto Honnne de waraiaeru daiji na hito

**Warae Kurushii toki koso Tsurai kazu dake egao misete yo

Saa koe agete wow Isso warai tobashite Goes on

Jibun no tame janakutemo Dareka no tame ni waraou

Yorokondekureta kao ga Ataetekureru chikara o

Nayanda shitara Endlessly Dou demo ii nara iin da Betsu ni

Suki de nayanda wake jyanai shi Tada Sore ga ira tatteru genin

Nige basho mo naku Kokoro fusagitakunaru

Daremo kizukazu toorisugiru Demo tokei wa mawaru

Nami ni nomarete mo Toki ni nagasarete mo Sore wa dare no sei demo nai koto
Totte wa itsumo

Itsumuiteshimau Cloudy day Sunao jya sukoshi kowakute

Sonna toki ni My friend Itsumo ittekuretakke Daijyobu datte


Sono kankei wa jinsei no tsunagari Sashidasu te ni uso wa nai

Tomo ni tsuiyashita jikan to Kono saki no mirai Sara ni mashiteiku shinrai

You&I hitori janai Sou omoeru koto de jinsei tte bai Sou

Tsuyoku yasashiku sasaeaeru kara Kono kansha wo mune ni Try

Ima Aruiteru koko no michi de Ichido mo mazukanai hito wa inai

“Kore wa nori koeru no tame no kabe nanda” Sou omoeba yume ni chikazukeru ki ga shite


Yowakute atari mae Honto wa bibitteru dare datte

Tada Donna toki mo iji wo hatte Mamotte kizuna ga kimi no sasae

Itsumo kimi no mikata Sono tashika na ashi de mukae Ashita

Kurai kao wa mitakunai Dakara Kao agete warae Your life



Smile Maker (Japanese)

上手くいかない事 誰かのせいにしても
どこか許せない事 解るよそれじゃ辛いだろう
何を理由にしても 誰も喜んでないでろう
でも見てくれてるよ そっと 本音で笑い合える大事な人

*笑え 苦しい時こそ 辛い数だけ笑顔見せてよ
さぁ声上げて wow いっそ笑い飛ばして Goes on
自分のためにじゃなくても 誰かのために笑おう
喜んでくれた顔が 与えてくれる力を

悩んだしたら Endlessly どうでもいいならいいんだ 別に
好きで悩んだ訳じゃないし ただ それがイラ立ってる原因
逃げ場所もなく 心ふさぎたくなる
誰も気付かず通り過ぎる でも時計は回る

波に飲まれても 時に流されても それは誰のせいでもない事 解ってはいても
うつむいてしまう Cloudy day 素直じゃ少しこわくて
そんな時に My friend いつも言ってくれたっけ 大丈夫だって

その関係は人生の繋がり 差し出す手に嘘はない
共に費やした時間と この先の未来 更に増していく信頼
You & I 一人じゃない そう思える事で人生って倍 そう
強く優しく支え合えるから この感謝を胸に Try

今 歩いてる個々の道で 一度もまずかない人はいない

弱くて当たり前 本当はビビってる誰だって
ただ どんな時も意地を張って 守った絆が君の支え
いつも君の味方 その確かな足で向かえ 明日
暗い顔は見たくない だから 顔上げて笑えYour life

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