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hide - "ever free"

I know there's other translations of this song out there, but I decided to give it a go.

ever free (English)

Let me free, let me free, let me out.

I lost that feeling of being in love
And tried to ask somebody
You said with a sigh,
"How much will love cost?"

I'd forgotten the seasons of my dreams
And tried asking that child
"Can you eat a dream?"
She answered with a smile

While staring at darkening days,
Sunny days fade

My first melodies have disappeared
I wonder where I lost them?

You were called a bullshitter
But your dream is still shaking in your chest
ever free, your stories seems to be crumbling
If you could draw your dreams, could we see them?

Ever free, where are we free? ever free

Days are scattered
Like the broken sun

My first memories have disappeared
Where did they want to go?

You were called a bullshitter
Your wings of freedom are still closed and shut
ever free, If you awaken
And pierce through this night, could you fly towards freedom?

ever free, where are we free? ever free

(giggling sound) ever free... in your sight

ever free (Romaji)

Let me free, let me free,let me out.

Koi ni koi shita kimochi Naku shichatte
Dareka ni kiite miru
Soide Tameiki majiri ni iimashita
"Ai tte ikura deshou?"

Yume ni yume mita kisetsu Wasure chattte
Ano ko ni kiite miru
Suru to Hohoemu anata wa iimashita
"Yume tte tabereru no?"

Kureyuku hibi nagametetara
Iroaseta sunny days

Kieteyuku Saisho no merody
Doko de nakushita no darou?

Detarame to yobareta kimi no yume no
Tsudzuki wa mada Mune no naka de furueteru
ever free Kuzuresou na kimi no sutory
Egakereba Mieru no ka Dream?

ever free Doko ni free? ever free

Wareta taiyou mitai ni
Tobichitta hibi mo

Kieteyuku Saisho no memory
Doko e yukitai no daoru?

Detarame to yobareta kimi no jiyuu no
Tsubasa wa mada Tojita mama de nemutteru
ever free Kono yoru wo tsukinukete
Mezamereba Toberu no ka free ni?

ever free doko ni free?ever free

fu fu ever free... in your sight

ever free (Japanese)

let me, let me free. let me out.

恋に恋した気持ち 无くしちゃって
そいで ため息まじりに言いました
「爱って いくらでしょう?」

梦に梦见た季节 忘れちゃって
すると 微笑むあなたは言いました

色褪せたsunny days

消えてゆく 最初のメロディー

続きはまだ 胸の中で震えてる
ever free 崩れそうな君のストーリー
描ければ 见えるのか dream?

ever free 何処にfree? ever free


消えてゆく 最初のメモリー

翼はまだ 闭じたままで眠ってる
ever free この夜を突き抜けて
目覚めれば 飞べるのか freeに?

ever free 何処にfree? ever free

fu fu ever free… in your sight

Enjoy! Comment/credit if you want to post elsewhere :)
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